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a2w 30 day challenge

Happy New Month To You…

We have begun the 6th month in the year 2014. How close are you to achieving your set goals for the year 2014?

The clock is ticking and time awaits no man.

In less than 24hrs, i begin a 30 day Challenge.It is not going to be easy but promises to be Very Rewarding.

I am pretty sure you had plans to earn Big this year six or perhaps seven figures in dollars if this sounds familiar and you are not anywhere close to your goal for the year ,this is definitely for you …..

I want to do 20 personal Signups in 30 days, and gun for 6 Digit Dollar income! If you care to ride with me, then connect with me by clicking

For those who want to do the 30 DAYS Challenge with me…

Whats in it for me????

Here is whats on Offer

A2WPress Website Pack

A2W is offering it’s distributors their own personal customizable websites! You can now get 3 websites, valued at $500 for a token of $150. This gives you 3 websites and 1 domain paid for already.

These websites come with the possibility of adding widgets that allow you to have your travel website on your site, your retail affiliate distributorship shopping cart and any other business you want to showcase. This means you can have your entire business profile integrated on one site. It also comes social media friendly and already integrated. You also have an e-commerce segment that allows you to collect cash – this takes the value to over $1,500. You also get “do it yourself” videos in your back office worth $1,500

With this Purchase comes FREE access
and entry to the incredible Club 2 rewards program!

Club 2 Binary

A simple Binary plan paying out on 4 levels:

Completion of Step 7: 64Left + 64Right = Travel Package
Completion of Step 11: 1024Left + 1024Right = Car Package
Completion of Step 16: 32,768Left + 32,768Right = Property Package
Completion of Step 18: 131,072Left + 131,072Right = Retirement Package

Club 2 Bonus System

A separate, unique powerful system, combining a matrix and straight lines, using multiple re-entries. . . that pays out on 4 levels:

Completion of Level 4 = $500
Completion of Level 6 = $10,000
Completion of Level 8 = $30,000
Completion of Level 10 = $500,000


Please be WARNED that I am totally focused over the next 30 days, and can only help you, if the help you want is in the line of what I’m doing. I have never felt this excited about A2W, we are in Relaunch and with Club 2. A2W is currently on STERIODS!

To Here are the Prices we are driving together… There are 4 Points of Entry.

30 Days Challenge in Progress

4 Points of Entry

1. N92,000 – A2W Full Privilege Pack + FREE Oven + A2W Press Website Pack + FREE Club 2 Membership. – Full Entry Pack

2. N105,000 – A2W Full Privilege Pack + FREE Oven + A2W Press Website Pack + FREE Club 2 Membership + A2W N1 Phone. – Full Entry Plus

3. 180,000 – A2W Full Privilege Pack + FREE Oven + A2W Press Website Pack + FREE Club 2 Membership + Carton of Gas Regulator + FREE Verizon Tab – Profit Pack!

or N180,000 – A2W Full Privilege Pack + FREE Oven + A2W Press Website + FREE Club 2 Membership (X2) – Pay it Forward Pack!

4. 250,000 – A2W Premium Business Pack + FREE oven + A2W Press Website Pack + FREE Club 2 Membership + A2W X6 Phone + FREE A2W N1 Phone + FREE Ionizer Cup. – Networkers Pack Be A Part of this




Don’t miss this opportunity.

Dr Tejiri Nicole Emede

bb 2943D936

whatsapp 08023276656

twitter @tejiri_



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